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Thank you for your interest in our organization. The Smyrna Historical Society (SHS) was created in order to support the Smyrna History Museum, as well as promote history and preservation in the greater Smyrna area.

The Smyrna Historical Society (SHS) was born from a shared vision of preserving the rich history of Smyrna and its surrounding communities. Founded several years ago by a group of committed local historians, educators, and community leaders, we initially gathered around a common goal: supporting the Smyrna History Museum. Our early days were marked by tireless efforts to build the museum’s collection, curate meaningful exhibits, and attract public interest.

As word spread and community involvement grew, so did our ambition. It became evident that our mission went beyond the four walls of the museum. The stakes were higher; our aim was not just to be a silent guardian of artifacts but to be active proponents of historical education and preservation.

From fundraising initiatives and historical site restoration projects to creating an invaluable network of like-minded individuals and organizations, we’ve come a long way. Our growth has been organic, sustained by the belief that history is not merely a subject to be studied but a legacy to be lived.

Through our journey, we’ve been fortunate to garner support from various quarters—local government grants, enthusiastic volunteers, and passionate members who have fueled our endeavors. Each milestone reached and every challenge overcome have been collective achievements, making SHS an integral part of the cultural tapestry of Smyrna.

Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission

At the core of our society is the mission to preserve, protect, and promote the rich history of Smyrna and its surrounding communities. We aim to educate the public, foster community engagement, and serve as a repository for the area’s cultural and historical artifacts.

Historic Landmarks Saved

Number of historic landmarks in Smyrna we’ve helped preserve and protect from demolition or neglect.

Educational Programs Offered

Different workshops, school programs, and educational events designed to enrich the community’s understanding of local history.

Active Members

Engaged members who actively participate in our events, contribute to our initiatives, and make our work possible.

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Explore Our Initiatives

What We Do

  • Support the Smyrna History Museum: We play a pivotal role in curating exhibits, maintaining the museum’s collections, and conducting educational programs.
  • Community Outreach: We regularly organize lectures, workshops, and walking tours aimed at both locals and visitors interested in learning about Smyrna’s heritage.
  • Historical Preservation: Our team works tirelessly to identify, document, and preserve historic sites and artifacts in the Smyrna area.
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