Dive into Smyrna's Past


The “Research” section is your go-to resource for deep dives into the fascinating history of Smyrna, GA. From the early settlers and key events to cultural shifts and prominent figures, we bring you well-researched articles and papers. Whether you’re an academic, a local history buff, or just curious, our research aims to enrich your understanding of our community’s vibrant past.

Smyrna Driving Tour

In September of 2022, the Smyrna Historical Society hosted a historical driving tour. of Smyrna.


Early Education in Smyrna

Researched and written by Mike Terry. Photographs of these buildings are on display at the Smyrna Historical Museum.

Aunt Fanny's Cabin

The Historical and Educational Value of Aunt Fanny’s Cabin researched and written by Dr. Christa Evans Heath

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