An Invigorated Oral History Initiative in Smyrna – we need your input!

Collecting and preserving the recollections of those who shaped our time and defined our community is the special responsibility of a local historical society, and SHS is proud to be taking up this challenge in a collaborative effort with the Smyrna Public Library (SPL) and the SHM.

Oral history is a particularly effective historical methodology for Smyrna; most of the important changes that this community has experienced over the course of its history occurred within the memory of living people. Consider, in 1950 Smyrna contained only 2000 residents and was confined to an area of just one square mile. Today, the Jonquil City’s population is approaching 60,000, and it has expanded to an area of more than 15 square miles! And all of this has transpired in a period of just 68 years.

Much of the history of Smyrna is retrievable by the simple expedient of tapping into the memories and experiences of people like you; folks who’ve lived through and contributed to this amazing period of civic transformation. Oral history interviewing, in fact, offers a greater potential for documenting Smyrna’s past than any other available historical methodology. However, these memories have to be collected in a timely fashion, since obviously none of us live forever.

If interested in being interviewed or in being trained to conduct interviews or in helping to transcribe and index videotaped interviews for eventual deposit in the SHM and the SPL, we urge you to email one the co-chairs of the Smyrna Oral History Project, me or Mike Terry for further information.

Your input is critical!  Thank you,

Bill Marchione
Research Chair
Smyrna Historical Society