Meet The Museum’s Intern

Smyrna native, Ms. Annzie Hine, has been instrumental in helping with the organization and storage tasks at the museum. Ms. Hine graduated from the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Writing and is applying to Valdosta State’s Masters in Library Science program.

“For the past few months I have been helping Jennie pack up the artifacts, photographs, newspaper articles, and other resources that we have in the museum. I have been searching in the Excel spreadsheet for the proper accession number for objects that we find and recording where we found them and what box they are going in. I have also been transferring photographs, land lottery deeds and newspaper clippings to acid-free archival-quality folders and boxes. We want to preserve the objects so that they can be used for years to come. In a few short months I have learned the dos and don’ts of museum keeping and archival storage.“

All objects that have been accessioned have been entered into a searchable Excel spreadsheet. As of Tuesday, October 23, we have over 10,500 objects in the museum! Of course, this is no where near a final number, since we often find objects that have not been cataloged and must enter them into the database. We won’t be able to display all 10,500 objects at once, so a critical part of the museum redesign will be selecting which objects best represent Smyrna’s history.